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Legal Notice
Legal Notice

All Credit / Debit Card Transactions are Final.

By using your Credit or Debit card you could be
charged up to 5% of your total bill to cover
transaction costs.

If you stop or reverse charges on your credit or
Debit card you will be charged 25% per Day of
the total outstanding balance owed, or the
maximum the law allows .

Your warranty for parts are good for 90 Days
With your Receipt only.

When you pay by Credit / Debit Card
You agree to resolve any and all disputes &
Transactions With the Owner of Mr Fix it
Appliance @ 832-695-2102.
You agree that you have received Service from
Mr Fix it appliance and all labor, shipping, &
parts cost are non refundable by credit card or
debit card or any
other means.

Thank you for using Mr Fix it Appliance
By pressing any of the credit / debit card buttons you agree
to Mr Fix it Appliance Legal Notice on this page.
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